Body and Sole  -Chiropody , Podiatry & Complementary Therapies in South Wales.
Body and Sole  -Chiropody , Podiatry & Complementary Therapies in South Wales.


This is suitable for anybody and everybody who cares for their feet and may have problems with their nails, skin or any discomfort with their feet. Chiropody

Chiropody is concerned with the treatment of foot disorders (treatment includes medical consultation, diabetic screening, nail trimming, hard skin/corn removal and massage), whilst Podiatry is concerned with the structure and function of the foot in relation to the gait cycle (the way we walk).


It is recommended that you have a foot check/MOT at least once a year and is especially important if you have diabetes or any other condition that may affect the condition of your feet.


The very latest technology is now available using painless - Dentron Electronic Anti-biotic, which uses a gentle breeze of negative ions to pass over the verrucae or infection and is clinically proven to destroy the bugs that cause them.

Suitable for children, diabetics, soft corns, skin and nail infections, ulcers and sensitive feet.


Last Updated April 2018

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